IELTS Speaking Soruları

En güncel IELTS speaking soruları burada. 140+ ülke, binlerce test merkezi için sürekli yeni soru üretme şansı yok. Aynıları defalarca kullanılıyor. Özellikle üst taraftakilere daha çok çalışın; aynısı çıkabilir.

19) Describe a quiet place where you like to spend time.

Where is it? How often do you go there? What do you do there? Why do you like the place?

  • Is the world getting noisier by the day?
  • Would it be helpful to learn how to meditate?
  • What can we do to be at peace with our own self?
  • Does happiness depend on a single factor or multiple ones?
  • What kind of techniques can we employ to ensure mindfulness?

Do you ever get too worried about your future? Can you clear your mind easily? How do you remain sane? Do you get along well with people who talk a lot? Would you prefer calmer places over the other ones?

18) Describe the most useful household appliance you have.

What is it? When did you buy it? How often do you use it? What makes it useful for you?

  • Has our life become more convenient with the rise of technology?
  • Do you think that technology makes us lazier in general?
  • Will there be a rising demand for smart houses?
  • What kind of tools and devices are essential in a house?
  • Why do some people prefer living in off-the-grid houses?

Are you interested in the latest technology devices? Do you replace your devices when a newer version is released? How often do you change your smartphone? Would you like to live like ancient humans without any technology?

17) Describe an object (artwork, accessory, furniture …) that you find beautiful.

What is it? What does it look like? How was it created? What makes it beautiful for you?

  • How does art education contribute to the development of children?
  • What is the ideal age to start art education?
  • Should art lessons be considered equally important as science lessons?
  • Which form of art should be more prominent at schools? music, painting, sculpture, theatre
  • Should students be encouraged to create art exhibitions?

Do you consider yourself a person of art? Do you have anything of artistic value at home? What form of art do you like most? Have you ever been to an art exhibition? Would you like to visit the art capitals of the world? Would you pay a hefty sum for an art project? 

16) Describe a historical period you would like to know more about.

When was it? What do you already know about it? What else would you like to learn? Why would you like to learn more about it?

  • Is there any point in studying history extensively?
  • Do you think that historical resources are objectively written?
  • Does history have any potential to help us anticipate what will happen?
  • Should history lessons be all about our own history?
  • What is the most effective way to teach history? books, museums, historians, documentaries, photos

Did you like history lessons at school? When was the last time you read a book on history? Do you have a favourite historical figure? Would you like to have lived in any other historical age?

15) Describe a photo that you are proud of.

When did you take it? Where did you take it? What kind of a photo is it? Why are you proud of it?

  • Do you think that photos tell more about history than books?
  • Is it secure to store personal photos online?
  • Is it important to take photos in special gatherings?
  • Is it easy to learn how to take great photos?
  • What determines the quality of photos? what is being photographed, photographer, or the camera quality

Do you often take photos? Do you ever look at old photos? Do you print photos that you like? Do you share your own photos online? Do you take photos when you visit new places?

14) Describe a place where you got exposed to a lot of noise.

Where was it? When did it happen? Why was there a lot of noise? What did you do as a result?

  • Why are modern cities becoming increasingly more noisy?
  • What kind of places are more likely to be more noisy than others?
  • Is there a chance we can fully prevent noise pollution?
  • Which one plays a greater role in how noisy one might be? personality or upbringing
  • Should we remain totally silent in public transport vehicles?

What do you like to talk about? Do you like people who talk too much? Do you enjoy or avoid small talk? Do you like to spend time in noisy places? How long can you tolerate loud noise? 

13) Describe a time when you stayed away from home.

When was it? Why did you do it? Where did you stay? How long did it last? How did it feel?

  • At what age should young people live away from their parents?
  • What are the advantages of living with parents?
  • What are the positive and negative outcomes of living alone?
  • Do people in your country live in crowded families?
  • How expensive is accommodation in your country?

Do you live alone or with your family? Would you like to live with your friends? How much time do you spend every week doing housework? Are you interested in decorating your room or home?

12) Describe a website that you often visit.

What website is it? When did you first discover it? How often do you visit it? How does it help you?

  • Do you think that all web activity should be monitored by governments?
  • Should there be absolute free speech online?
  • Why is there internet censorship in some countries?
  • What is the ideal age for children to start using the internet?
  • Should parents determine how their children would use the internet?

When did you start using the internet regularly? Do you spend a lot of time online? What kind of websites do you visit most often? Do you share anything on the internet? Do you have any friends that you meet online only?

11) Describe a piece of technology that you find difficult to use.

What is it? When did you get it? How often do you use it? What makes it hard to use?

  • Is it bad to rely on technology in all aspects of life?
  • Do you think that technology causes more problems than it solves?
  • What kind of jobs do not rely much on technology?
  • Should schools be equipped with high-tech devices?
  • Why are some consumers obsessed with new technology?

Are you a tech-savvy person? Do you own any fancy tech gadgets? How often do you renew your smartphone or computer? Are you willing to spend much on new technology?

10) Describe a difficult decision that you once had to take.

What is it? When did you take it? How long did you wait for it? Why was it difficult to take it?

  • Is change always good?
  • Why do some people have trouble leaving their own comfort zone?
  • Should we take important decisions alone?
  • Is it necessary to take huge risks for success?
  • Why is it sometimes too hard to take a decision?

Do you share your problems with others? Do you consult others when taking decisions? Have you ever had to take a radical decision? Do you prioritise your emotions or logic when making a decision?

9) Describe an ambition you have had for a long time.

What is it? How long have you had it? What are you doing for it? Why does it matter to you?

  • Should we set realistic goals for ourselves?
  • Should we encourage children to have their own ambitions?
  • Why do people tend to be less ambitious as they age?
  • Why do some people give up too easily?
  • How can we cope with failure?

Are you an ambitious person? What is your biggest goal in life? Do you like to go out of your comfort zone? Do you do all it takes for success? Do you like to compete with others?

8) Describe a domain of science (chemistry, biology …) you are interested in

What is it? How long have you been interested in it? What have you learnt so far? Why is it important for you?

  • What is the most important invention of the past century?
  • Do you think there is still much more to invent?
  • Should science projects be funded generously?
  • Why are scientists underpaid compared with those in the entertainment industry?
  • How do scientific developments affect our lives?
  • Do you think science requires international collaboration?

Did you like science lessons as a student? Was it hard to study science lessons? Would you like a career as a scientist? Have you ever taken part in a scientific research?

7) Describe a sport you would like to try for the first time

What is it? How did you hear about it? Why have not you tried it yet? Why would you like to try it?

  • Which sport has the largest audience in your country?
  • Is there anything that makes one sport superior to another?
  • What kind of sports are more suitable for the elderly?
  • Should governments build sports facilities in each neighbourhood?
  • Team sports or solitary sports: which one is better?
  • Do you think men and women should compete together?

Do you do any sports? Have you ever participated in a sports competition? Do you exercise regularly? What else do you do to stay healthy? Is it better to exercise indoors or outdoors?

6) Describe a large company you have been interested in

What company is it? What does it do? How did you hear about it? Why are you interested in it?

  • Should growth be the only goal of companies?
  • What strategies should companies employ for steady growth?
  • Is it fair to pay CEOs much higher salaries than other employees?
  • What do large companies do differently when compared with smaller ones?
  • Is success in business based on hard work or luck?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of working for a large company?

What is your job? Why did you choose this career? Would you like to change your career? Do you have a work-life balance? Do you mind working at weekends?

5) Describe an invention that has transformed our way of life

What is it? How has it changed our lives? How does it benefit us? Who benefits more from it?

  • Which invention could be considered the most important ever?
  • What kind of technologies will be developed in the future?
  • In what ways has technology affected us negatively?
  • Is it possible to lead a decent life free from technology?
  • Should we develop technologies that could be used for mass-destruction?
  • Do you think smartphones will completely replace computers?

How much time do you spend on your phone? What do you usually do on your phone? Would you feel comfortable without your phone? What do you like most on your phone? What matters most in a phone?

4) Describe an introverted person you know well

Who is this person? How long have you known each other? How introverted is this person? How much do you like this person?

  • Why do introverted people stay away from leadership roles?
  • Do you think we can change our personality if we try hard enough?
  • Who do you think society is more willing to embrace: introverted or extroverted people?
  • What are the main differences between introverted and extroverted people?
  • Do you think that opposites attract each other in relationships?
  • Is it best to spend time with people like us or those with different traits?

Are you a sociable person? Is it easy for you to meet with new people? Do you like to hang out with friends or alone? Do you get bored when alone? Do you have a large network of friends?

3) Describe a toy you liked in your childhood

What was it? What did it look like? Who gave it to you? What were you doing with it? Why did you like it?

  • How do games contribute to the development of children?
  • Why do we play games increasingly less often as we age?
  • Is there a difference between today’s games and those in the past?
  • Do you think that computer games are harmful for us, particularly for children and teenagers?
  • Why are many youngsters addicted to computer or mobile games?
  • Why do you think more boys than girls are struggling with game addiction?
  • Do you think that games can be used in education?

What kind of games do you like playing? Do you like to play computer games? How often do you play them? Is it more fun to play computer games or board / card games?

2) Describe a film you did not like

What is it about? When did you watch it? Where did you watch it? Why did not you like it?

  • Why are streaming services like Netflix getting extremely popular?
  • Do you think that movie theatres will disappear soon?
  • Is it better to watch movies on smart devices or in movie theatres?
  • Do you think actors & actresses lead a happy life?
  • Do they deserve to earn much more money than scientists do?
  • Should they act as role models for younger members of society?

Do you like watching movies? What kind of movies do you enjoy watching? When was the last time you watched a movie? Do you have a favourite actor & actress? Would you like to be a movie star?

1) Describe an activity you do to stay fit

What is it? When and where do you do it? How often do you do it? Does it help you keep fit enough?

  • Do you think that people of all ages should exercise?
  • Is it possible to stay healthy without exercising at all?
  • Is it better to exercise at a gym or outside? Or at home?
  • Does it get harder to stay fit as we age?
  • What should be the primary goal of exercising: muscle building or endurance?

Do you exercise regularly? What type of workouts do you like best? Do you pay attention to your diet? What do you do to stay healthy? Do you like to exercise alone or with others?